Saturday, June 4, 2016

ABS12: New species, description changes

I removed the speed that was counted double from fighters and thieves. Therefore fighters get 3 build points and thieves get 2 build points to buy verb actions.

I added some more species such as centaurs, scorpionfolk, lizardfolk, giant spider, etc.

In addition I attached the alterations to turn species into different types of that creature. Included is turning any species int a fighter, magic user, healer, and thief by stacking a few more points on top of the regular species stats. This is good for named or main boss type species. I plan on doing more in the future if it turns out okay.

Excuse the naming for alterations. I wasn't feeling creative: fightify, magicify, thiefify (whoops) even misspelled it), and healify. I'm just trying to make all alterations have an 'ify' suffix for now, to keep me from confusing it with the humanoid section.

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