Thursday, July 21, 2016

JAGS: NPC templates for humans by type

JAGS fan content
This begins a series of JAGS player made content that I will try making.

I wanted to try the game out with an elderly couple that likes the wild west stories. So I need some human NPCs to inhabit the game. Templates to be filled with outlaws, gangs, criminals, and town workers.

To do this, I want to make a JAGS template for NPCs sort of built off of templates so that I can make quicker NPCs.

With the advise found on page 32 and influenced with some D20 OGL open content, here is some potential stat blocks based on some possible types.

About the chart
Yellow shows the secondary stat changes.

It shows the stat CP costs so that the remaining can be filled with skills. Also bases for bonus melee damage, DP, Perception roll, grappling, and movement are also shown which can be modified by skills.

This can probably be used for any type of JAGS game that has regular humans.

[Click image to enlarge]

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