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ABS12: Overview & Character edits

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

This is a single die linear system, with one stat. Skill proficiency are defined by Descriptions.

  • This is a single twelve sided die/dice game. It may use up to two 12 sided dice at a time for rolls that have advantages or disadvantages..
  • This is a roll-over system which means that the objective is to roll as high as possible or to roll over another value..
  • It has a solo game engine, fact generator, and story engine built in to the game for solo play.
  • Descriptions describe the inhabitants of the game, both the player's avatar and the fictional characters within the game.
  • There is one single main attribute that describes how powerful a character is - based on experience; it is called power level.
  • The description level is a secondary statistic which represents the general learned ability of the character at this description level which is based on experience and power level.
  • All species and characters share the same benefit of experience and general ability as they progress.
  • Two species or characters of the same power level will have identical power level bases.
  • Individuals differ by their descriptions.
  • Two parts of descriptions are verbs and adverbs/adjectives. 
  • Verbs describe actions including physical, mental and power/magical. 
  • Adverbs describe actions, adjectives, and other adverbs. 
  • Adjectives describe nouns. They normally are damage, effects, descriptive nouns, rankings, or other descriptive values.
  • Adverbs and adjectives are considered similar or near identical - they represent values.
  • Life represents one's life force.
  • Speed represents one's travel and reaction speed.
  • Defense represents one's natural or worn armor.
  • Powers can be described using manifestations of adjectives, verbs, and nouns.
Chapter 1 Characters
With the knowledge of the overview of the game, create a character following the character creation summary. You may print out and record the information on the character sheet. Each of the part of a character created is discussed in further detail within this chapter. 

A character gets +PL an additional bonus for actions performed influence by their description which is called the Description Level (DL) bonus.

synonyms: sort, variety, kind, type, category, class, designation, specification, genus 

The description itself is a group of skills defined by the gamemaster or in solo play, the player, for whatever appropriate for whatever world is being played. Anything that fits in this definition in a game will get a DL bonus. 

For example. Thieves can do thief skills not mentioned in the special verb skill sections. They may get the basic DL bonus when picking locks - if that is something all thieves do in your game world. Maybe they are good at bar fights. Maybe they have underground connections.

Extra Build points

Magic Users get 3 build points to get new spells besides fireball. Fighters get 2 and thieves get 3 build points to buy verb actions appropriate for their description. For the power system, see the section for details to using an adjective verb noun power system.

Magic Users Spells: 

disease, poison, splinter smash, firecone, corrupt touch, fear, drain touch, corrupt stare, petrification, charm, dig, fly, immune (to one element or poison/disease), aware, defense (increase defense temporarily), covert (invisible), or offensive bonus. Each build point raises damage up the scaling damage chart from 1 to a current max of 6 damage levels [(1d12*3) /4].

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