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ABS12: Powers edited text

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

I decided to write a bit better introduction to powers that describes the dimensions of reality - which is how they differ from verb actions. Also I edited the fireball example, removing references to the old skill power system. Power Poll and Power Level rules are added which replaces the older definition of power level - now referring to the strength of the power when deducting the cost of the power from the power pool.

Chapter 3 Adjective Verb Noun based powers
Powers can be described in terms of actions (verbs) and topics (nouns). This means that the power can do something to or with something. This uses the same type of system as the verb action skills except that powers go beyond the normal restrictions of reality. The powers can extend normal dimensions of reality - mainly by means of processes affecting the topic. If your character has learned to destroy things and also learned about fire, then your character should be able to destroy things with fire - a fireball, fire spray, or wall of fire.

The main dimensions of reality besides combining the action and topic are the dimensions of the affect which are described by adjectives (or adverbs). Damage describes how much damage to the target is affected (damage done or healed). Armor describes how much protection the power provides from damage and other effects. Duration describes how long the power remains in affect. Size describes how big of area the power affects. Range describes the distance that the power can reach.

Fireball - Adjective Verb Noun
Having 5 of the verb power Destroy and 5 of the noun power of Fire, combined to be called Greater Destroy Fire with the damage of 1d12/2 which goes at normal spell casting distance. Destroy and Fire would be two separate powers when combined create a manifested power.

Power Level (PL)
The Power Level of the power is the amount of the amount of verb action and noun that the character has. The PL of the power will be the greater amount in the manifested power. So if a character has unequal amounts of power, use the greater of the manifestation amounts. The PL is subtracted from the power pool (PP).

So a character with 3 in heal/repair, 1d12/4 and 2 in life, range of 20ft/6m would have a PL of the greater amount of 3 PL for the cost of the power. Subtract 3 from the PP.

Power Pool
Power Pool = 4 + EL + DL 
Power Pool (PP) is the measure of the amount of power that the character has flowing within them. A power will expend this pool in order to use their powers.After expending this power, rest is required to refill the expended power.

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