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Aioskoru part 4 : "Emotional Plea"

Tools Used
Aioskoru website
Aioskoru Adventure seeds
ABS12 System

Here are the stats for my two main characters.

Madi the amateur magic user is PL1.
SpeciesLifeSpdDefDef TypeBPDamageD TypeMagSc/TcBPVerbAdj/AdvBPVerbAdj/AdvCost
Magic User223Cloth21d12/6Staff45Fireball S1d12/23Net S315

Andelin the amateur fighter is PL1

Madi = 4 EP
Andelin = 6 EP

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Aioskoru part 4 : "Emotional Plea"

"Emotional Plea"
By Ken Wickham
Copyright © 2016

They rode on centaurs into the village.

[Are there any other centaurs around? Very Possible +4; 1+4=5; No, however ... shouts can be heard from across the village, somewhere beyond the huts. FG 8 Time; 8 Old = maybe someone old died]

Madi saw no centaurs as they trotted into the village. All of the woven straw windows and doors were shut on the earthen structures. She noticed the larger doorways twice the height of normal doors. Also the door handles were much higher - more towards the upper third of the  top of the door.

Ramp structures were beside several of the buildings. They seemed to have some sort of -

Off in the distance arose a mighty chorus sung. The sound jarred her from looking around. They were here. Just not in the central village.

[do they head towards the sound? 1; No, also ...
FG 3, Mouth; 2, Sweet.]

They were headed towards one of the larger structures but not towards the chorus sound.

Madi's centaur stopped  a little distance away from the structure. Andelin's soon came up and stopped beside her.

He was actually laughing towards the centaur that he was on. How could he- she had to get his attention. "Pss!"

Andelin swung his head towards her and his smile became a more stern.

She mouthed, What, and brought her hands up.

He shield his mouth away from the other centaurs in front of them, pointed towards the large centaur who was now looking forward with a strong erect posture, and whispered, "Nefron's rather humorous."

She heard the the rain drop on puddles below them. Looking towards the his captor, she saw said many things. Humor wouldn't be one of them.

[Does Nefron do anything? 1; No, also..
FG 6, Think; 9, Guess]

Andelin was messing with her during this critical dire situation they were in. How could he be so cruel? She felt her blood pressure rising. Chicken poop! She made a pushing motion towards him in the air, mimicking pushing him forcefully.

The motion shook the centaur she was on.  Her captor turned, weapon drawn towards her.

Madi stretched back away from the blade. "Shh!" the brown centaur said with a deep low voice, eyes narrowed and staring her down.

She heard an explosive muffled giggle from Andelin's direction. Looking towards him, she caught him elbowing the centaur. That centaur turned quickly towards her. He then let out a quick, disgusting snort joining in with Andelin's taunt.

A clearing of throat interrupted their taunt.

The leader was now motioning them forward.

[FG 12, Dimension; 11, Liniear]

Two centaurs moved towards the building where several were lined  up on each side, weapons drawn, facing the leader leaving a pathway between the two formations. They came to a stop right before the leader.

The centaur reached around and grabbed Madi by the waist. She was lifted into the air and brought forward ahead of the centaur. After a moment, she felt a slight pressure towards the middle of her back. The pressure made her dare not move too suddenly.

[I'll test the new drama escalation rules
Is Andelin able to pursuade her to let them speak to the leader?
This is related to the plot, but is the first test which means it will be at a -4. Each additional plot related roll will receive a +1.
9-4=5 No, however ...
FG 7, Transformation; 3, Reform]

The leader of this centaur group glances each of them for a moment,  looked off towards the distant rugged plateaus and then back to them. She somewhat tentatively reached into a pack at her waist and brought out a book. She seemed to find a section. After a moment of reading, she nodded, and gently closed the book. This time the leader spoke more slower and gently. "You two are guilty of trespassing on ekouinmanus territory. An offense punishable by two years of service. What say you?"

"You can't do this -" she began. Andelin's hand came up as if to block her words.

"We are guilty of tresspassing - yes. However, please reconsider allowing us to have that service in the common defense of both of our nations in a combined war against the plateau dwellers."

His words were simple, slow and gentle, spoken much in the same way that sounded similar to how she had spoken to them.

"I cannot make that decision. It's not within my authority."

"We understand. Please bring it up to those who have such authority."

Madi was beginning to feel the strain and exhaustion of their journey.  She had to restrain herself from snapping and loosing control. And that was something she rarely did. But Madi had to say something. "You must. Consider the danger. We must return safety to our borderlands."

The leader cleared her throat a few times and then rubbed her jaw. She seemed to squint, looking inward.

Maybe she will agree at least with those terms, Madi hoped.

They didn't have to wait long for her answer.

"I will bring it up to the elders."

Madi felt an unexpected relief of held back tension - tension that she had forced back with restraint. She let go a deliberately quiet exhale. She briefly closed her eyes.

At least they had hope.

Sometime during their interaction with the leader the chorus had ceased. Now the entire village was in silence.

They were escorted through the village towards another edge of the village. On this other end around a larger building, had other people working around a structure that had piles of straw and dried grasses piled under protective rooftop structures.

There were other people - that weren't centaurs here.

[FG 5, smell; 6woody
9, move; 9, roll] 

Several off to one side were working with logs. They seemed to be rolling logs up to a pile. Several would come together and then lift the long logs onto a stack. The pile gave off a woody pine odor.

[Are the villagers returning from the wherever they have been? 8; Yes, however ...]

Off in the distance Madi could now hear the sound of hooves walking. The sound increasingly grew louder. Many of those working stopped where they were and looked off into the village empty streets.

Soon lines of centaurs came into view. Ahead walked one centaur dressed in dark clothing. He held a dark lantern in one hand - even though it was daytime. The other hand seemed to hold a dark staff. Behind him three centaurs seemed to be pulling some sort of cart.

The cart turned before reaching where they were. As it turned, Madi could see that a motionless centaur, which seemed to be an elderly one with grey hair, lay on the cart. Madi instinctively lowered her head until the cart disappeared behind the buildings.

[To be continued]

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