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ABS12: Random Objects & Participants, v 1.08

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

ABS12 Solo Game Engine and Fact Generator
ABS12: Basic Fact Generator
ABS12 Solo Game Engine: Additionals, Branching, & Conditionals
ABS12: Synonyms for writing using the ABS12 Solo Game Engine
Testing the ABS12 Solo Engine and Fact Generator
ABS12: Story Engine
ABS12: Random Objects & Participants
ABS12: Drama Escalator

New version number
If you haven't  noticed, I upped the version now to 1.08 including everything changed or added last week. The current version is much larger than the last version update. Since the last version change I updated the intro to chapter 2, added and rewrote experience level (EL) and power level (PL), added powers text to help set up adjectives, and added two tables to the story engine.

I changed the wording of 'Verb Actions' to 'Action Verbs' mostly in chapter 2. I did so since that is a common phrase used in making job resumes. Using that term may be familiar to many already. I'm trying to make the descriptions and verbs more like a career information.

I wanted to make a generic list of random objects and random participants to go with the story engine. Use a 1d12 to find a number if you are using it for a random result. In addition, the fact generator and the solo game engine can be used to fill in descriptions and characteristics.

ABS12 Random Objects
  1. important/sacred item
  2. weapon
  3. healing item
  4. utility item (helps you do something eisier)
  5. clothing (it may be a special clothing)
  6. armor
  7. key
  8. clue to some mystery
  9. cure
  10. valuable item
  11. power/technology item
  12. food/drink
ABS12 Random Participants
For numbers 11 and 12 either use 1 or 2  of the 10 that are the most common for your world for increased odds, or pick two new ones not listed on the list.

  1. PC
  2. new NPC
  3. monster/creature
  4. animal
  5. group/organization
  6. relationship NPC
  7. nemesis NPC (new/old)
  8. friend NPC (new/old)
  9. powerful opposing force (natural, supernatural)
  10. race against time
  11.  -reuse or assign -
  12.  -reuse or assign - 

Here is the story engine as shown several weeks ago.

Story Engine
Here is an potential story engine for main storyline that I will experiment with. It is based on three literary plot structures. I am not sure I like the 2d12 probability.

#1 is hidden text. The blogger has numerical list which automatically starts at 1. I didn't feel like looking up how to remove it, so the list really starts at 2 since 2d12 lowest value is 1+1 = 2.

ABS12 Sory Engine v 1.0

Roll two 12 sided dice (2d12) adding the results together.
  1. By Ken Wickham 2016
  2. Descend - a character must descend to the very depths of despair to perform some great task.
  3. Maddening - a mad person versus the victim of the insanity.
  4. Tempted - a character must face their greatest weakness, distraction, or compulsion.
  5. Disaster - a power falls defeated by an enemy or informed by a messenger.
  6. Sacrifice - a character must struggle to maintain an ideal by sacrificing something great to satisfy a creditor or opponent.
  7. Obtain - a character asked by another, must struggle to obtain something great in order to aid against an adversary.
  8. Prey - a master or monster threatens or causes suffering to a victim or unfortunate character.
  9. Rescue - a character must deliver a unfortunate or supplicant from a persecutor.
  10. Pursue - a character must pursue a criminal and avenge the victim with the expected justice deserving.
  11. Escape - a character must escape from imprisonment or punishment from some conflict.
  12. Transform - a character goes through a dramatic change like a rebirth of power, form, or appearance.
  13. Mature - a character comes of age or knowledge through a challenging experience to reveal something important.
  14. Abducted - an abductor takes abducted from a guardian.
  15. Enigma - an interrogator posses a problem to the seeker and gives the seeker better ability to reach the seeker's goal.
  16. Rival - there is an object of rivalry and a preferred or superior side versus a rejected or inferior side.
  17. Revolt - conspirators plot to overthrow a tyrannical power.
  18. Metamorph - a character must go through a dramatic change into something by supernatural or severe natural means.
  19. Daring - a bold leader sets out to obtain an object from or to fight against a powerful adversary.
  20. Conspire - a hated character and a 2nd conspire against a character.
  21. Lost - an important object is lost by negligence. There character must find the object or remedy any consequence.
  22. Forbidden - a character must do something considered forbidden in opposition to sagely advice.
  23. Betrayed - a desirer and desired have betrayed a character. The betrayal is discovered by some means..
  24. Ascend - a character must climb some challenging task and raise above opposition to become one of the few to ascend to the top.
Based on a mixture of Polti's 36 plots, Tobias' 20 plots, and Booker's 7 plots.

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