Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lakes and rivers using GIMP and Donjon fractal maps

Aioskoru, Western Ekouinmanus Kapos Map Series
Aioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos
 Lakes and rivers using GIMP and Donjon fractal maps
Automated rivers: first automated river attempts

Donjon maps are great. But I've overcome the lack of details by pulling out topographical and 3D information. Now I want some more rivers, lakes, and streams.

Attempt 1) This is my search for techniques to add rivers and lakes to a free Donjon fractal map, I began just by drawing in a river trying to use logic. In retrospect, I don't like the color and I wanted to test it with my 3D maps. It didn't line up as I wanted to exactly. So I decided to try something else instead.

I don't like this technique, I'll figure something else out.

Attempt 2) Instead of beginning with rivers, my second attempt was to begin with lakes. I changed my color to a light blue. I used one of my 3D maps to help recognize the places that lakes could be and water collects. I'll add rivers after lakes and see how that goes.

So far, I'm liking this method more than the first.

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