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ABS 12: Powers - Nouns and Power Sheet

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

Here are the first batch of nouns to go with the verbs.

life - organic properties of growth, continual change, functional activity, and reproduction prior to death
death - organism is no longer alive.
undead - technically dead but still animated; ghoul, lich, vampire, mummy, skeleton, zombie, wight, ghost, banshee, wraith
poison - substance is capable of causing illness and/or death.
disease - this is a disordered function or organ in an organism that produces specific symptoms.
fire/heat - increasing temperature creating combustion, burning, melting, and smoking and heat, light, and smoke are produced.
ice/cold - decreasing temperature creating cold, freezing, ice, or a solid from a liquid or gas.
air/gas - when a solid or liquid is turned into a gas; wind, oxygen, tornado, atmosphere.
earth/rock - soil, earth, dirt, rock, sand substances.
water/liquid - the state of being a liquid from either a gas or solid.
flesh/exoskeleton - covering of internal body of an organism providing some protection from the external stuff.
bone - essential framework of hard tissue in vertabrates.
wood - hard fibrous material in trees and shrubs that provides framework.
metal - a solid material that is typically shiny, hard, and malleable; gold, silver, copper, aluminum, bronze, iron, steel.
organic substance - a specific chosen organic substance such as web, plant fibers, milk, feces, urine, mucus, or blood.
animal - a none humanoid organism that eats and functions responding to stimuli.
plant - a living organism that derives nutritions from roots and photosynthesis.
monster - and inhuman or not a standard animal.
spirit - non physical part of an organism that has the essence of their emotions, thoughts, personality, and behavior.

And there are two new verbs I'm adding

trap/close - to stop, encase, shut, or imprison something.

open/release - to free, let loose, escape, or release something.

New Powers Sheet
For the new powers I've created a powers sheet to help construct powers

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)
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