Sunday, July 31, 2016

River Beds using Donjon and Wilbur

Aioskoru, Western Ekouinmanus Kapos Map Series
Aioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos
 Lakes and rivers using GIMP and Donjon fractal maps
Automated rivers: first automated river attempts
River Beds using Donjon and Wilbur

I think I'm headed this way more for my intermediate and advanced technique of using the Donjon maps using Wilbur in addition to GIMP. They seem more lifelike and do a great job of creating rivers automatically. No drawing required.

It does however interpret rivers, mountains, and hills sometimes different than my other techniques, such as the topography map.

Here are three map areas that I have worked on in the past. I place the original clip that the map was based on after the new image.

[Click map to enlarge]

[Click map to enlarge]

The map above is the lower part of this next grid map, focusing around the four white mountain icons.

[Click map to enlarge]

As you can see, the rivers in the above image don't match up with the rivers from the original image.

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