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Aioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos

Tools Used
Aioskoru website
Aioskoru Adventure seeds
ABS12 System

Continued from this Aioskoru Story Series
Aioskoru part 1 : "Wild Horses"
Aioskoru part 2 : "Friendly Centaur"
Aioskoru part 3 : Experience Points award
Aioskoru part 4 : "Emotional Plea"
Aioskoru part 5 : "For Sickness or Work"
Aioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos

Aioskoru, Western Ekouinmanus Kapos Map Series
Aioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos
 Lakes and rivers using GIMP and Donjon fractal maps
Automated rivers: first automated river attempts

Western Ekouinmanus Kapos
[Click image to enlarge]

I made this map using my techniques found in Quick free world maps using GIMP filters and Donjon fractal maps.

This is the beginning of the Aioskoru map showing the story locations. I plan on updating the map as the story continues. I only drew in part of the main river and streams which continue and cover this region, just so that I have a basis for the story.

This map is about 350 miles wide and high. The small red dot shows the hill upon which I imagine the centaur village is locate just to the south of the northern stream. I haven't named that village, streams, nor river yet. It looks close, but it is really 20 miles away from the village. Andelin and Madi were caught to the northwest across the stream on that hill outcrop across the valley north of that same stream. About 50 miles to the northeast of the village you can see the rugged  far distant barren rugged hills and plateaus.

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