Monday, May 30, 2016

Microfiction: failed fantasy trope, "Bargain for Eternity"

Microfiction: failed fantasy trope

"Bargain for Eternity"
By Ken Wickham
Copyright © 2016

Jonovan approached his and the world's destiny.

The dark prince stood across the room, fire blazing in his pale extended palm. A chilled wind forced Jonovan into the black marble wall of the forsaken citadel.

He held the recently claimed sword forward, feet inching, fighting ahead despite the impossible situation.

Ahead the figure was draped in darkness, and all he could see was a feint grin. Dark blues, blacks, and deep purples mist swirled around behind the beckoning malevolent force that had threatened him each step of the perilous journey.

His gold and silver ancient runic sword shone bright, a gold flame cutting through the impending doom.

"You will not win," echoed the sly tongued demon prince.

"It's not me you fight. But all of Ea," he said forcing the utter bleak fear from the depth of his soul. A fear that tainted his very heart.

How many lives lost? Brynn's loving sacrifice. Tobert's unseen betrayal. Lamva's sacred guidance. 

Enthralled by lost friends his inching became steps.

The winds seemed to dissipate. The steps became strides.

"Join me young warrior. And we will rule all of Ea," came the silvery frosted words.

Jonovan progress came to a explosive halt. It was as if all the universe's energy had fallen on him. How could this be?

"50, 50?" he asked.

The terrifying lich screamed back, "No. 75, 25."

"Only if it's 50, 50," he said, assured that the prince would give in.

"Okay. You drive a hard bargain. I'm doing all the work as it is," came the pure evil maniacal chuckle.


Donovan put away the blade and went to the chair indicated by the outstretched open hand of the evil lord.

He felt pleased that he would be moving up in the world. His dying father's wishes was that he would make something of his life.

And now he would be at the top.

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