Saturday, May 28, 2016

ABS12: First PL2 encounters and more

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

New version number
If you haven't  noticed, I upped the version now to 1.03 including everything changed or added last week. The current version is much larger than the last version update. I've added the solo game engine, rules from second testplay, the fact generator, changes from the testing of both those tools, synonyms for the solo game engine, the character creation summary, and these PL2 creature encounters.

PL2 Creatures

This is the first of several batches of creatures for power level 2, these are creatures that most games have listed. I'll write the new descriptions verbs (skills & powers) in another post.

[Click image to enlarge]

The minor construct although slow is the most difficult end boss type creature.
The giant ant drone and fire drake will be challenging.
Ghostify works with any creature. Non-physical attacks will be removed and one of the 4 special attacks, shown by most powerful to least powerful, will be added. low PL should begin with fear; low-mid drain touch, upper-mid corrupt touch, high corrupt stare. This is because they lack a physical body.

The other two PL charts updated
I replaced the PL0 and PL1 encounter charts with revised charts which have a few changes - mainly adding speed and immunizing some creatures

Note on Zombify
Zombify note change which I noticed didn't match the template. Zombie was going to be a creature, but I decided to make it a template instead but forgot to change the note text.

Zombify works with any encounter. All description verbs are lost in the transformation except physical weapons. This is because they become mindless carnivorous undead.

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

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