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ABS12: Basic Fact Generator

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

ABS12 Solo Game Engine and Fact Generator
ABS12: Basic Fact Generator
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ABS12: Synonyms for writing using the ABS12 Solo Game Engine
Testing the ABS12 Solo Engine and Fact Generator
ABS12: Story Engine
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ABS12: Drama Escalator

ABS: Solo Gaming Engine - flexible version It contains 1d6, 1d8, Fate, Fudge, 1d10, 1d12, 2d6, 3d6, 1d20, 4d6 JAGS, and 1d100 columns and modifiers.

A flexible version of the Fact Generator is now available at rpgnow/drivethrurpg

Available for dice 2d6, 1d12, 3d6, and 1d20

What you need to use this chart

In addition to the Solo Game Engine, here is my attempt at a fact generator which can be used with one 12 sided dice.

A writer might use the lists to help with inspiration.


  1. First roll a 1d12 to find which row to consider: sensory, element of time and space, emotion/mood, or state of change. 
  2. Roll the 1d12 again to find a detail.
  3. Repeat as many times as needed.
  4. Discard or change as necessary.
  5. Interpret the result using creativity and considering your story situation.

For example. A roll of 1d12 resulting in 4 means something about sound, indicated by the ear symbol. Another roll of 1d12 equaling an 8 would indicate Loud.

Something in the story was loud. 

If you need further details you could roll more.

Lets say that you pile up loud, cold, and move. If in a modern house indicate something about a loud refrigerator vibrating. In space it might be indicate something about a scream from a cryogenic chamber. In a horror story or game it might indicate a chill running down a character's back pushing the character to flee as a loud rumble shakes the ground. In a fantasy story, it might indicate the launch of an ice ball from the trigger of a trap. 

It's just meant to help creativity. So use, discard, and change the results as needed.

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All icons are made and attributed to either Lorc or Delapouite downloaded from licensed under the CC BY 3.0 No changes were made to the icon images.

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