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ABS12: Description Build points, Special Verb Actions

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

So far, when I added creatures I tried to convert them over from several other open sources games, using an unofficial conversion system that I have in my head, using general rules that I created after analyzing the Open Gaming License (OGL) data several weeks ago for the black bear. I wrote up a comparison chart of common creatures from different systems months ago for Aioskoru world. Equiped with the list and the general rules that were extracted I converted the creatures using OGL data.

Last night I began to build a spreadsheet to help look at descriptions from a point based system. This may lead to some sort of description creation guidelines. I also included my first sets of creature data, removing the bonuses gained during PL increase.

That chart is shown at the bottom of this post.

DL vs Special Verbs
When I wrote the descriptions initially, it began with the concept that being one of the descriptions, such as a thief, would begin with a DL1 in thieving skills. I realized shortly after that it would be nice to have special skill verbs (abilities, stunts, and powers) built into the overall description. And so I added verbs such as covert stab and covert which can go above and ontop the DL1 bonus.

I realized that I've never added the rules for the special verbs yet. I think I need to more explicitly write in. I am adding the following text to the game.

I changed a few of the titles to special verb skill and DL.

Special Verb Skilled action

1d12 + PL + DL + Special Verb

Special Verb Combat action

Offensive roll 1d12 + PL + DL + Special Verb Damage

Special verbs are skills that go beyond the normal DL bonus. They can be thought of as special feats, special abilities, stunts, or special moves. Use the bonus for the special verb on top of the DL for added bonus. For combat, used the special verb damage instead of the standard melee damage for attacks using special verbs.

Skilled Actions
The definition itself is a group of skills defined by the gamemaster or in solo play the player for whatever appropriate for whatever world is being played. Anything that fits in this definition in a game will get a DL bonus. For example. Thieves can do thief skills not mentioned in the special verb skill sections. They may get the basic DL bonus when picking locks - if that is something all thieves do in your game world. Maybe they are good at bar fights. Maybe they have underground connections.

Possible Reduction: 2 covert for the thief
On top I put the 4 character descriptions. Unfortunately for the thief, they may lose one point of covert in order to balance out the descroptions.

[Click to enlarge]

I'm adding this chart to the bottom of the game for future use and comparison. It may change over time. New definitions will be added.

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