Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking at OGL stat data: Black Bear

Comparative Stat Structure

For creatures, monsters, and encounters, I wanted to look at and test out some of the things that other games have done. For the comparison, system information will be placed on a spreadsheet with columns presenting similar data for each system. The comparison that I am doing is based on game systems that have some sort of Open License. This comparison is for my own study and information purposes and does not mean that any of these systems endorses such comparison. Copyrights of the actual product names remain with their creators.

To show the method I am considering, I just pick one creature - the black bear.

Black Bear

For a creature, a black bear seemed like a good beginning creature to show in this post.

Most of the systems are consistent with each other.

They show that it is very aware and perceptive.
It is strong and can be quick.
Bears are somewhat wise.
They aren't very intelligent nor charismatic.
Their armor defense is very slight.
They seem to have a slightly more powerful bite than the claw attacks.
Personality wise, they avoid threats unless protecting themselves or others.
Most games put them on average at a level 2 or 3 encounter.
Some games mention that they are intimidating.

Comparative Stat Block

For the comparison, I chose to use  the model that I presented in the Attributes post as an overall structure.

For spirit I used wisdom, alignment, and acumen for different systems. Most of the systems that mentioned they were either protective, neutral, or unaligned. 

Although I didn't add it to this stat block, most of the systems mention that these bears have good survival, resilience, will, or mettle skills.

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