Monday, May 9, 2016

Story vs RPG Part 2: Main Characters - Protagonist, Antagonist, PC, NPC

Story vs RPG Series
Story: Elements
Story vs RPG Part 3: Character Information
Story v RPG Part 5: Personality Types
Story v RPG Part 6: Alignment, Morality, and Ethics
Story vs RPG Part 7: Character Needs
Story vs RPG Part 8: Character emotions
Story vs RPG Part 9: Lies - Our characters darkest secrets
Story vs RPG Part 10: Setting - cultures
Story vs RPG Part 11: Pair Dynamics
Story and Game Structure: Storylines
Story vs RPG Part 12: Larger groups - conformity & deviance

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In story writing, the main character to which the story and plot is centered is normally called the protagonist/main character/lead character. The protagonist is trying to achieve a certain goal or objective in the story. This concept in RPGs normally is called player characters (PCs).

The main force, organization, or concept which opposes the protagonist is called the antagonist.

Sometimes the characters are classified as heroes/heroines, villains, antiheroes, archenemy/nemesis (protagonists worst enemy).

In RPGs any character that is not a PC is called a non-playing character (NPC). They may also be called monsters, encounters, creatures, or other related terminology.

ABS12 system

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