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ABS12: Favorable, unfavorable, defense, damage, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, definitions

All the changes from this page will be added to the master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

The first thing I need to do is add a mechanic for situations that are favorable or unfavorable.

Situations: Favorable and Unfavorable
There will be certain periods of times that because of environmental, tactical, strategical, setting, psychological, social, emotional, or other reasons actions will be done more easily or difficult. These reasons could be weather, lighting, slope of a hill, a distraction, slippery surface, being under a fearful state, fighting in water, fighting behind an object, or almost anything.

If more than one condition both favorable and unfavorable exists in a situation the total for favorable must be weighed against the total unfavorable.  This comparison will determine whether or not the conditions cancel each other out or leaves the character with a more favorable or unfavorable total situation. Therefore, situations can be balanced having no modifier, favorable, or unfavorable. Balanced situations roll normal with 1d12 for the action.

If they are not balanced, the character will be in a favorable or unfavorable situation and will roll two dice.

Favorable: the higher of 2d12
If situations and influences are determined favorable, then to show that advantage the character rolls two dice instead of just one. The higher of the two rolls is picked for the result, and the lower roll is ignored.

Unfavorable: the lower of 2d12
If situations and influences are determined unfavorable, then to show that disadvantage the character rolls two dice instead of just one. The lower of the two rolls is picked for the result, and the higher roll is ignored.

Also, an explanatory section needs to be added in the character section describing defense and damage.

PL Defense
PL Defense is the amount of protection that natural or worn armor provides to a character.

PL Damage
PL Damage is the character's amount of  primary melee damage done if they hit the opponent during melee combat.

For certain sections I added language that describes the elements as nouns, definitions, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. I do so to help sculpt the system into a story writing system if possible

Descriptions are nouns. Descriptions are definitions in that they define what a character can do (skills: verbs) and how a character does it (PL bonus: adverb or adjective). It represents overall skill and expertise.
Skills are verbs.
Power Level and Description Level are adverbs and adjectives.

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