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A Basic System 12 (ABS12) Part 2: Basic rules: skills, unskilled, combat, and power actions

The ABS12 needs some rules. Although I provided mechanical structure, I need to add process or procedure to those mechanics. These rules are written much like the first set of mechanics. No evaluation nor judgement will be made until they are tested. For now, they are just raw untested formulas and ideas.

They will be added to the current overall page.
A Basic System 12 (ABS12)


Characters and opponents need to perform tasks or actions in a game. These skilled actions can either be something not covered by skills learned, covered by skills learned, combat action, or spell used.

Unskilled action

1d12 + PL
For actions not covered by definitions, use the PL only to modify rolls. This means that your experience of living and advancing helps you with everything, but that you do not receive an expertise bonus.

Skilled action

1d12 + PL + Definition Level
For actions covered by definitions, use the Pl and the Definition Level to modify rolls. This means that in addition to your experience of living and advancing you also receive expertise bonus for learning more about those types of actions.

Combat action - to hit

Offensive roll 1d12 + PL + Definition Level + PL Damage
Defensive roll 1d12 + PL + Definition Level + PL Defense
Whichever total is highest, wins. Ties we will say goes to the defensive person.

Combat action - damage

Defender PL Life - Weapon PL Damage
If the Offensive attacker exceeds the defensive defender, then the defender is damaged. Reduce the PL Life temporarily by the weapon PL Damage amount. If the PL Life is reduced to zero, the defender is dead.

Power action

Power roll 1d12 + PL + Definition Level
We will just say that the only requirement is to be able to see the target to launch a fireball or heal a player. The difficulty for range of spells will be in 10 feet increments beginning with Very Easy (roll 3 or higher0 up to 10 feet from the caster. For a fireball, the defender may make a defensive roll.

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)
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